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Voigtländer Light Meters

The voigtländer lightmeter is a mount for the vc meter ii series of watches. It includes a shoemount for holding the watch, and the tool-free use of a speedometer and timepiece. The light meter is handily available in silver, and is well-made and stylish.

Voigtlander VC Meter II Silver NEW #37361

Best Voigtländer Light Meters Sale

The voigtländer light meters are a great way to track your running and outdoor activities! The black ad104b shoeshoemounting speed light meter is perfect for this purpose. The shoes have a rubber feet for stability and avoigtländer logo on the front. The light meter can be attached to a belt or pants with the help of the belt or pants loop. The light can be off at all times by pushing the loop close to the light.
the voigtländer light meters are back and better than ever! This time around they've added a new model, the vc meter ii silver. This model is packed with features and improvements, making it the perfect tool for law enforcement and security purposes. With its improved light production and longer life, the vc meter ii silver is the perfect tool for your toolkit.
the voigtländer light meters is a new product from the company. It is a fixed point exposure meter that is used for stills and video purposes. The meter has a black fixed point response panel and a white needle for is range from 0 to 3000 feet per second. The meter is also paxible compatible.